(Special awards provided by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association)


  1. To develop leadership talents and to work toward achieving the broad objectives of developing sound character and effective citizenship.
  2. To acquire scientific knowledge and improved understanding of the economy, versatility and nutritional value of turkey meat and its relationship to human nutrition and health.
  3. To help youth develop skills in the preparation and use of turkey and to acquire the ability to express their ideas proficiently and efficiently through participation in projects, talks, discussions, demonstrations and exhibits.


  1. Each state is eligible to enter one bona fide 4-H member in the contest; however an individual may only enter one of the barbecuing events due to an overlap in the cooking and presentation times between the chicken and turkey events. Note: There are also overlaps with the Poultry judging and Egg preparation demonstration contests.
  2. Contest sequence for cooking and presentation will be announced at the contest briefing prior to the contest. 
  3. The contestants will be scored for barbecue skills, sensory evaluation, and presentation by three sets of judges according to the barbecue score sheets. 
  4. Following arrival and delivery of their supplies to the grilling or presentation location, contestants will work alone, except in case of an emergency, as determined by contest monitors. 
  5. Contestants are responsible for keeping their cooking and presentation areas tidy and for clean-up as well as removal of their equipment and supplies.


  1. Each contestant will prepare two 1½ pound turkey breast filets provided to them by the contest monitors. The filets will each consist of ½ breast with tenderloin removed (Pectoralis Major muscle). The fillets furnished for cooking may have skin or may have the skin removed.
  2. There will be a 2.5 hours time limit on the preparation of the turkey. The turkey fillets will not be available to the contestant prior to the contest starting time. The fire may not be lit until the contest starting time. The turkey product shall not be marinated prior to start of the contest.  Parboiling and/or deep-frying competition meat is not allowed. A contestant may not inject any fluid or sauce or additive into turkey. Turkey may be cooked in aluminum foil wrap.
  3. Barbecue grills will be provided for all contestants, which they will be required to use. Each contestant will be assigned a cooking space and grill along with a work area of one half of a 4 foot by 8 foot folding table adjacent to their grill. Charcoal and lighter fuel will also be available if needed.  Contestants may bring their own charcoal and lighter fuel. Self-starting charcoal or automatic fire starter blocks will not be permitted. Chimney-starters may be used but such devices must be placed inside the grill before and during ignition and removed from the grill prior to addition of the turkey for cooking. Fire is restricted to inside the provided grill. Burning materials outside the grills will be considered as a fire hazard. The use of non-charcoal combustible fuel is to be limited. Accessories such as spits, augers, or forced draft are not permitted.  Electricity will not be provided or used. 

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  1. All other equipment and supplies, including sauce, must be furnished by the contestant.  Sauce, if used, may be commercial or private recipe (description must be provided to judges on the recipe card to assist during flavor and appearance evaluation). Contestants are expected to use a meat thermometer. Commercial devices for covering of meat during cooking will not be permitted; only aluminum foil wrap may be used.
  2. Contestant must provide recipe or preparation outline cards describing sauce, rubs, or other treatments associated with the cooking of the turkey to include ingredients and special instructions if necessary for food safety relating to these ingredients such as keeping sauce ingredients either cool or heated. NOTE: Three (3) copies on note card stock, single 3 inch by 5 inch size preferred containing these cooking instructions or recipe) must be provided to judges – 2 copies to skills judges before starting fire, and 1 copy to turn in to sensory evaluation judges with the cooked product. 

Recipe cards need to include the following information:

  1. Name of recipe and contestant number
  2. Ingredients and general cooking instructions
  3. If special cooking techniques were used to achieve unique flavoring
  1. Contestant is to have turned in product by the end of stated cooking time. Contestants will be notified 15 minutes prior to the end of the cooking time. Each contestant will present one intact, turkey breast fillet to the panel of judges at the conclusion of their cooking on plates or containers provided. No garnishes, dips or additional items shall be presented on the plates or submitted to the judges. Note that one recipe card or cooking outline card for the sensory judges must accompany the product. Product will be evaluated using the sensory score sheets.


An illustrated presentation, including factual information about the commercial domestic turkey will be made by each contestant (see score sheet).  The participant is to demonstrate their knowledge in the following areas:

  • The turkey industry in the United States and its economic importance
  • General food safety, including safe storage and handling of turkey (uncooked and cooked)
  • Nutritional value of turkey and role in a balanced diet

Contestants will be allotted a maximum of 10 minutes for their presentation. Judges will have up to 3 minutes for questions directed to contestants. Questions may be related to statements made by the contestant during their presentation that the judges feel might need further explanation. No contestant will be allowed to have any form of identification as to name or state represented, including from the presentation content, posters, or from the tabletop graphics utilized during the oral presentation.
Easels will be provided. PowerPoint presentations using a computer and computer projector can be used. A Windows-based laptop computer and computer projector will be available.  PowerPoint 2010 will be installed on the computer and contestants should have their talk on a USB flash drive device.  If a PowerPoint presentation is planned, the presentation is due in final form for submission at time of contestant briefing the evening before the contest.  PowerPoint presentations are not to include audio. Order of presentation and contestant number will be determined at contest briefing.

In case of a tie following tabulation of contestant scores, the tie scores of the top five contestants will be broken in descending order by:

  • Highest score in Sensory Evaluation
  • Highest score in Barbecue Skills portion
  • Method determined by contest committee