• Each state must verify that all participants, employees, coaches, and volunteers from each Land Grant University has a signed medical form with permission for medical treatment, a photo release and Code of Conduct, Medical/accident Insurance and Liability Coverage from the time of departure from their state until their return.
  • Each state must verify that their state has a Risk Management for participants and must follow their LGU plan.
  • Each state must verify that all coaches and chaperones accompanying the group have been background checked, screened and accepted as a volunteer by their LGU.
  • Volunteers on management teams and/or individuals who work for the management team will be functioning under the operating procedures, practices and scope of duties with oversight and risks associated with their own LGU.
  • The event is planned in a manner that does not allow for “one adult to one youth” situations.
  • An event Emergency Management Plan will be distributed to the management team, coaches and chaperones.

Emergency Response and Crisis Communication Team
Dr. Ken Koelkebeck Cell:   217-377-6530 
Dr. Tony Pescatore  Cell:    859-333-7960

NAILE Emergency Response Contact Information
Laura Schroerlucke, 502-367-5291

In every emergency situation, safety is the primary concern. Priority attention is given as follows:

  • Care for injured
  • Stabilize the situation
  • Call 911, police, ambulance as appropriate. Be prepared to give the street address and exact location where the incidence is occurring.
  • Contact the conference chairperson – Ken Koelkebeck – who will then contact NAILE and contest chairs as appropriate.
  • Cooperate with and follow instructions of emergency responders.
  • Work through situations that are not being handled by emergency responders.

Emergency Information for Participants 

Participants should have the cell phone number of their chaperone. A designated safe area should be located for your group.

Closest hospitals:

Norton Audubon hospital
Address: 1 Audubon Plaza Dr, Louisville, KY 40217
Phone: (502) 636-7111

University of Louisville Hospital
Address: 530 S Jackson St, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 562-3000

In Case of a Medical Emergency:

  • Do NOT move the injured person.
  • Immediately contact your contest chair. If no adult is available, call 911. 
  • First aid will be administered as appropriate.

In Case of FIRE:

  • Youth are NOT to attempt to put out a fire.
  • Report the fire to your contest chair immediately.
  • Get out of the building and assemble together in the parking lot south of the building.
  • Stay outside of the building until released by a member of the conference management team.


  • Remain calm.
  • Follow the instructions of your contest chair.
  • Go to a designated safe area for the building.
  • Conference management team members will monitor National Weather Service announcements and declare the “All Clear” once the threatening weather has passed.


  • Alert your contest chair immediately.
  • Report details—describe the missing person, location where the individual was last seen, etc. 
  • A member of the conference management team will quickly organize a “sweep” of the immediate contest area for the missing person.
  • If the missing person is not located, a management team member will contact NAILE security.

In Case of an INTRUDER:

  • Alert your contest chair immediately. 
  • Do NOT approach the intruder for any reason.
  • A management team member will investigate and notify the local law enforcement and NAILE security as needed.

In Case of a Threat from the Outside:

  • Follow the instructions given to you by your contest chair.
  • Gather into a safe area of the building. 
  • Lock all doors and windows if possible.
  • One person will call 911
  • Remain calm, silent, hidden from view of the intruder, and watch/listen for signals from the safe persons in charge. 
  • Assist others who have trouble following instructions. 
  • As soon as possible, conduct a headcount to determine if all are present and/or accounted for.
  • As soon as possible, one person will contact a member of the on-site conference management team and explain the situation.